Inverter 10Kva/180V 1-CRUZE LUMINOUS


  • Maximum Output capacity: 8000 watts
  • Suitable for home and office Use
  • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • Fully DSP based design
  • IGBT based PWM technology
  • Synchronized changeover
  • Low Operating Cost
  • No Hassle Installation
  • LED Seven Segment Display
  • No Humming Noise
  • MCB Protection at input as well as output
  • Smart Charge + technology for faster charging and longer battery life
  • Intelligent thermal management for longer life and higher reliability
  • Audio alarm on battery low, preload, overload
  • Built-in Protection: Overload, Short-circuit, Battery Deep Discharge & Battery Reverse Polarity Protections
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The Inverter 10KVA/180V I-Cruze Luminous will power most equipment in your home or office. The Inverter 10KVA/180V Luminous is an advanced technology inverter, designed to deliver trouble-free performance and high efficiency. With the tough performance and high durability of the luminous brand, the Inverter 10KVA/180V Luminous is trusted to meet high usage demands in the Nigerian environment. Our Inverter 10KVA/180V Luminous is rated for maximum output capacity of 8000 watts. This capacity is robust enough for most domestic requirements as well as small office applications.

The Inverter 10KVA/180V I-Cruze Luminous features IGBT based PWM technology with smart-charge technology for faster charging and longer battery life is well-suited for our low power supply environment. The Inverter 10KVA/180V Luminous are backed with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and supported with fast-response local technical service for after-sales maintenance, should any issues arise. You can trust to use Inverter 10KVA/180V Luminous hassle-free for years.


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