BLUE GATE 24Ah 12V UPS Replacement Battery


Compact design

Low self-discharge

Wide operating Temperature

High impact case

High reliability

Strong ability to adapt to the environment

No pollution

Long life


If your Blue Gate UPS is using the 24Ah 12V battery, get easy replacement of your Blue Gate UPS battery with this Blue Gate 24Ah 12V UPS replacement battery. No hassles, no need to replace your UPS, if battery failure is all the problem.


Blue Gate batteries are powering a large number of power backup systems in Nigeria, from inverters to UPS and other applications that require hardworking and reasonably priced VRLA batteries. Blue Gate batteries offer impressive performance, which makes this brand one of the popular names. The Blue Gate 24Ah 12V UPS replacement battery is of that same stock and one you can trust to meet performance expectations and deliver long life.


Get the best deal of your UPS replacement battery purchase with the pocket-friendly offers we have for you.

Valve regulated (sealed) construction, Maintenance free operation


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