• No lag time in UPS backup when the power goes off
  • Double conversion function and filtering out all fluctuations and surges
  • Increased and improved battery time and capacity for longer UPS backup
  • Square or sine wave output
  • Equipped with automatic voltage stabilizer

Generator compatible


The Bluegate Offline 2.5KVA UPS will deliver uninterrupted power supply for your computer and other appliances at all times. It is the ideal power backup option in events of power outage or power cuts to keep your appliances running. This Bluegate Offline 2.5KVA UPS automatically switches over to backup mode whenever there is a power outage; you will not experience any form of interruption of work or entertainment. This Bluegate Offline 2.5KVA UPS has a lightning and surge protection that will ensure all the appliances connected to it are fully protected. The Bluegate Offline 2.5KVA UPS automatically recharges itself even if the UPS is switched off. It also works well with generators which means it will charge when the power supply is from a generating set.


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