BlueGate 6.2KVA UPS Online HF (External batteries 16nos of 24AH)


Load/Battery power meter display. Overload, on-line, battery status LED/LCD. Advanced Battery Management. Automatic charging in UPS off mode. Zero transfer time on AC mode to/ from battery mode, AC mode to/ from bypass mode. Smart RS-232 communication port. Optional SNMP card and Dry card


This series of UPS is based on true on-line double conversion design, which avoids kinds of interference from Mains. The output of the UPS is stable, low-THD pure sine wave, with adjustable input/output characteristics which enhance its flexibility as well as performance. Application Critical servers, storage application and other networking equipment. Features True on-line double conversion design providing all power protection. Sine wave pulse width modulation. IGBT inverter design. Wide Input voltage windows. Pure sine wave output with less than 3% THD. Expandable backup time. Generator compatible. Cold start.


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